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:iconawesomebronyart: AwesomeBronyArt :icone-qual-estria: E-Qual-estria E-Quality for Every Brony! :iconmanesix: ManeSix :iconmylittleponyfimgroup: MyLittlePonyFIMGroup Friendship Is Magic :icontria-fanclub: Tria-Fanclub



Basic Rules
:bulletblack: Don't Struggle
:bulletred: No Pony Creator

Folder Rules:
:bulletblack: Featured

:bulletblack: The Apple Family
Pictures of anyone from the Apple Family, any combination e.g. AJ and Big Mac, The Entire Family. No singles e.g. an Apple Family member on their own. No other ponies must be in the artwork.

:bulletblack: Applejack
Just Applejack

:bulletblack: Braeburn
Just Braeburn

:bulletblack: Buffalo
Pictures of the buffalo go here.

:bulletblack: The Cake Family
Mr & Mrs Cake and their children.

:bulletblack: Caramel
Caramel by himself. If he's still popular.

:bulletblack: Celebrities
In-universe celebrities go here.

:bulletblack: Cherilee
If you're hot for teacher, your artworks go here.

:bulletblack: Crossovers
The MLP universe (Fanon, Canon and other) crossed with another element (TV, Movie, Web Original).

:bulletblack: Cutie Mark Crusaders
The CMCs all together, or at least two. Only includes Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

:bulletblack: Derpy Hooves and Dinky Hooves
Pictures of Derpy Hooves (Spasticus Autisticus) and/or her daughter Dinky Hooves (Cutus Fillius).

:bulletblack: Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon
Pictures of Diamond Tiara and/or Silver Spoon

:bulletblack: Discord
Pictures of John de Lancie in his final form.

:bulletblack: Donkies
The uglier taller version of ponies.

:bulletblack: Featherweight
That one colt.

:bulletblack: The Flim Flam Brothers
Pictures of one or both of the brothers.

:bulletblack: Fluttershy
Pictures of Fluttershy.

:bulletblack: Generations 1-3
As I am not too familiar with the original series, but am still wanting to respect them, this is a place for fans of the older series to put artwork about it. Also included is fanwork of the current show in

:bulletblack: Gilda
Just Gilda the Griffon.

:bulletblack: Granny Smith
Just Granny.

:bulletblack: Imaginary Characters
Just Imaginary characters, such as Rocky and those evil balloons.

:bulletblack: Iron Will
Just Iron Will.

:bulletblack: Joe
Just the Donut Guy.

:bulletblack: Journals
A place for fans to place their journals relating to contests or whatever.

:bulletblack: Lyra and Bon-Bon
Pics or Lyra and/ or Bon-Bon.

:bulletblack: Multiple Characters
Pics of one or more characters, fanon or canon.

:bulletblack: OCs - Alicorns
Wings + Horn

:bulletblack: OCs - Earthern
Nothing special

:bulletblack: OCs - Pegasi

:bulletblack: OCs - Other
Other animals, Griffons, changelings etc.

:bulletblack: OCs - Unicorns

:bulletblack: Other Animals
Other sentient (or not) animals. Mainly the ones Fluttershy looks after.

:bulletblack: Other Background Characters
Other obscure characters.

:bulletblack: Pinkie Pie
The chubby funster.

:bulletblack: Pipsqueak
Somehow only one year old.

:bulletblack: Princess Cadence
Just Cadence

:bulletblack: Princess Celestia
Just Celestia

:bulletblack: Princess Luna
Just Luna

:bulletblack: Queen Chrysalis
Just the Queen.

:bulletblack: Rainbow Dash
Just RD.

:bulletblack: Rarity
Just Rarity.

:bulletblack: Shining Armour
:bulletblack: Snips and Snails
:bulletblack: Soarin'
:bulletblack: Spike
:bulletblack: Spitfire
:bulletblack: Trixie
:bulletblack: Twilight Sparkle
:bulletblack: Twist
:bulletblack: Vinyl Scratch
:bulletblack: Wonderbolts
:bulletblack: Zecora

Group Info

My Little Pony: Friendship is Forever!
Dedicated to pony artworks.
Enjoy your lengthy stay!
Founded 3 Years ago
Jun 12, 2011


Group Focus
Fan Club

2,445 Members
2,137 Watchers
56,562 Pageviews
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